Dealing with your Domain Registration

If you are a smart businessperson you have already secured your domain name through one of the several domain registrars (Tucows, Network Solutions, Go-Daddy, etc.). Some of these registrars make it seem like you need to buy a number of associated services from them, but if you just want to register your domain and have another person develop it, you do not need any ”add-ons.” In the past few years registrars have tried to blur the line between registering a domain and hosting a domain. The simple truth is that once you own your domain name, you can host it anywhere you desire. (Hopefully with 606 Design Company).  And while at first it may seem tempting to “simplify your life” by adding a hosting package with your domain name registration, what will happen is this: you will be set adrift in a sea of “build-it-yourself” (or wildly overpriced if they help you) customers who face sneering and hostile customer support from various locations around the world.

If you are thinking of having a qualified developer work on your site and you have not already secured your domain, the first question anyone you are working with should ask in your first meeting is “Have you secured your domain name?” I will go into more detail in another post on the best way to work with a web developer, but for now remember: “I just want to own my domain name.”


The Bargain-Basement Lie

You may have purchased a domain name recently from one of the many Domain Name Registrars (like Go-Daddy or Network Solutions), and in the course of doing this, you might also have purchased web-hosting. Next, you were probably shuttled off into one of these companies’ “web-site builders” and confronted with way more than you thought… Continue Reading

The Shoemaker’s Children

There is an old proverb that goes “The shoemaker’s children have no shoes.” I have been living that proverb for many years, so busy working on other businesses’ websites that I have had no time to work on my own. I struggled with this for years, trying to plumb the depths of my own self-neglect,… Continue Reading

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