In addition to web & print design, 606 Design Co. also offers:

Web Hosting

Web Hosting ServicesOwning your domain name is only the first step to getting online. You need to find a reliable company to get that name online with a minimum of hassle. Over 90% of the websites we design are also hosted on our servers, everything from blogs to e-commerce sites. Affordable and reliable, 606 Design Co. has been hosting websites since 1999. That’s longer than Facebook has been in existence! We offer hosting starting at $5 per month and every package includes your own email addresses, databases, and state-of-the-art Apache webservers. With a 99% uptime record and access to tech support from the same company that designed your site, it only makes sense to buy a complete solution. We take care of all the details for you, from WordPress installs to software applications, so you are never left trying to figure out how to get something working correctly. We’ve got your back, because we have the time and you don’t!


Whether you want to sell one item or one-hundred, 606 Design Co. has the solution that’s right for your business. With security that ranges from shared Secure Socket Layers to your own private secure certificate, from simple PayPal buttons to custom-designed E-stores with shopping carts, easy-to-use administration areas, and product/inventory tracking, we can help you get your product or service online, on-time. E-commerce sales have risen over 50% year over year for the past 4+ years and are now a significant part of our economy. Don’t wait!

Social Marketing

Success in Social MediaFacebook. Twitter. Linked-in. YouTube. SEO. Google. The face of marketing and the way businesses advertise has changed dramatically. And each service has its own methods and quirks. 606 Design Co. has been in existence throughout these changes and has formed strong alliances with people accomplished in “new-world marketing.” Paul Zelizer is one of these people. Paul specializes in helping spiritual people learn to live more successful and joyous lives. A life-coach, social marketing adept, and Lesley University graduate with a Masters in counseling, Paul’s proven success with helping other businesses succeed is reflected in his own business, “Success For Spiritual People.” If the fit is right, Paul can bring his ”wisdom-based solutions” to your marketing strategy and your life. 606 Design Co. is proud to partner with him!

Blog Content

Fill your blog with effective prose!Do you have the time to write blog-content several times a month to keep your blog fresh and click-worthy? Or have you started writing a blog and don’t know what to say next? We have a solution. Out-source your blog content! Through proven business partnerships, 606 Design Co. works with accomplished writers who can meet with you in person, by phone conference, or by email—they understand how to position your product or service with words that work. One such company is The Web Queen. Accomplished at marketing, freelance blogging, and all manner of creative solutions, owner Lyric Kali knows how to write what’s right for you!



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