The Bargain-Basement Lie

You may have purchased a domain name recently from one of the many Domain Name Registrars (like Go-Daddy or Network Solutions), and in the course of doing this, you might also have purchased web-hosting. Next, you were probably shuttled off into one of these companies’ “web-site builders” and confronted with way more than you thought you were getting into.  Most of these web-apps assume at least a passing familiarity with HTML coding. And worse…try to customize your site! You most likely ended up having to call tech support, only to get the “We don’t support that” reply. Many plugins and add-ons for WordPress, for example, require you to be able to edit files on the fly to customize CSS or even PHP. Were not counting on that, were you?

To add another layer of confusion, many web-hosting companies prevent you from having full access to your site by using a web-app called C-Panel. Instead, you could be hosting your site at and enjoying the real deal! We give you “root” access to your website and we run industry-standard Apache (Red Hat Linux) servers; the latest stable build of WordPress is already installed when you sign up. We will either be responsible for getting anything you want to run if it is possible to run, or we will give you full access to your databases and server-space if you are geeky enough to want to configure it all yourself. But, if you love C-Panel….well we have that too. If you want it. (But why would you?) In short, when you host with us, you never need to ever >think< about doing it yourself. We do it for you. And have been since 1999. Longer than Facebook has been in existence! In fact, when we started using the Internet, there was no Internet—just bulletin boards (that’s a word you almost never hear anymore!) and UserGroups. So rest assured, you will be in good hands…

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